7 Ways to Ensure You’ll Enjoy Your Mother’s Day

We’ve made it to another Mother’s Day weekend, mom-friends. I sure hope your family is ready to spoil you and give you the best Mother’s Day yet! I realize that might not be the case for many of us, so I’m here to help. Read on for 7 ways to ensure you’ll enjoy your Mother’s Day even if it’s not everything you’re expecting.

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Changing Your Mother’s Day Mindset

There’s a lot of pressure on your family this weekend. No one wants to ruin Mother’s Day, but the emphasis on making it AMAZING can be quite daunting. After a few consecutive unhappy Mother’s Days of my own, I decided it was time for a change. I’m rethinking things a bit and making things less stressful with these 7 tips.

  1. Don’t play mind games. You know exactly what I’m talking about here. If you find yourself saying things like, “I’m not telling them what I want, they should know,” you’re setting every one up for a potentially bad day. If there are specific things you want or don’t want, tell your family. They love you, you love them and that should be central to your interactions on Mother’s Day (and everyday).
  2. Monitor your expectations. You deserve a parade for all you do, but don’t expect your family to pull that off. Our unrealistic or overly optimistic expectations can quickly set us up for Mother’s Day tears. I’m speaking from experience here, so learn from my mistakes. It’s not fair to expect your family to jump through impossible hoops to prove they love you. Again, you know they love you, so keep the focus on that.
  3. Feel free to celebrate yourself. This is definitely important if you’re a single mom or a mom with small kids. Even if that’s not the case, feel free to pat yourself on the back a bit. You do a lot, you give a lot and it’s okay to acknowledge that and celebrate. Plan your own brunch and treat yourself if you have to. You’ve earned it.
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  4. Don’t play the social media comparison game. If you know you can’t resist the urge to compare, stay off of social media. Don’t compare your situation to some other mom’s and, by all means, don’t expect your family to do things you see other families doing.
  5. Let them fuss over you. While some of us struggle because our families don’t do enough, others of us feel like they do too much. If that’s you, resist that urge as well. Sit down and let your kids enjoy the privilege of serving you. Don’t feel guilty about it. Relish it and know it’ll be over before you know it ;-).
  6. Be grateful. Whether gifts are huge or tiny, handmade or custom-made, be grateful. Even if it’s not the gift you want, even if it’s something you’ll never use, be grateful for the giver (and let them know you’re grateful).
  7. Relax. Relax your mind, your expectations and your feet. The only energy you should be exerting is the energy to enjoy your family and your day. Again, you deserve it!

As usual, I sure hope these tips help. Now, before you go, treat yourself to an entry into my Tieks giveaway, then run off to enjoy your Mother’s Day weekend!

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7 Ways to Enjoy Mother’s Day
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  • Jordan @ Read. Eat. Repeat.

    Love this! You covered a lot of relevant points in this post, and I’m grateful for a few of those reminders.

  • Karen

    These are such wonderful suggestions! I’ve learned to manage my expectations as an adult. Holidays are more fun when you’re a kid! Haha

    I know that I’ll be getting at least a little something from the gentlemen at church. They always give the moms a flower or chocolate or some other cute gesture. I love it! ????

    • It is fun to see what they come up with at church and you’re so right about managing expectations!

  • Diana

    Great tips! A lot of mom’s are always posting pictures of the flowers their spouses got them on Facebook and I just roll my eyes. Maybe #8 on this list should be “don’t brag.”

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