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Here to Help Learning is helping me turn my reluctant writer into a writing machine! Check out our review of this engaging homeschool writing program.

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I love writing and because I love writing, I have an irrational need for my kids to love it too. Now that we’re homeschooling, it’s become incredibly important for me to find a writing curriculum that will help my son learn to write and learn to love it as well. We recently had an opportunity to review Here to Help Learning and it has been perfect for us. Read on to see why I like it and how we’re doing so far.

About Here to Help Learning

Here to Help Learning Review

Here to Help Learning enhances the love of learning, one home at a time by providing Christian based, high-quality, on-location filmed instruction for grades 1-6.”

This dynamic homeschool writing program incorporates a number of different strategies to make writing appealing. Students watch, listen, speak, move and write, making this a great program for visual, auditory and kinesthetic learners. Forget about having them read the directions and write what they’ve been told. Here to Help engages children in an enjoyable way and offers the opportunity for them to flex their creative muscles as they learn new skills.

Here are the details:

  • Here to Help teaches paragraph and essay writing for grades 1-6.
  • Students watch the teacher, Mrs. Mora, on video. She provides the bulk of the instruction with help from Captain Knucklehead.
  • Parents or facilitators follow a scripted lesson to complete assignments and activities.
  • The program includes worksheets and pages for students to create a learning notebook.
  • The program can be purchased on DVD or completed online.
  • The program is biblically based and focused on building relationships between the parent and student.
  • Students learn the writing process and work through projects from brainstorming through publishing and sharing.
  • A monthly online membership is $6.99.

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Our Here to Help Review

We had a bit of a slow start, but now, Here to Help is a mainstay in our school week. My 5th grader was a little skeptical at the beginning and there were a couple of raised eyebrows at the jokes, but now we have a routine and this is absolutely working for us.

We are working through the essay writing lessons which are separated into three “Flights.” His first project in Flight 1 was Trusted Tutelage. It spanned 5 lessons and walked him through the writing process from brainstorming to publishing.


I LOVE that every lesson begins with a writing warm-up that requires students to write about a peculiar picture and attempt to incorporate a specific literary technique. This is such a challenge for my son, but he has seen himself grow and improve with every lesson. Before this review, I considered him a reluctant writer, but Here to Help has definitely helped us and I see a gifted writer emerging!

I can’t think of many negatives about the curriculum, but I would definitely prefer having a pre-printed workbook with the online program. While all the workbook pages are available, there are a lot of pages to print. I’m considering ordering the printed workbook just to make things easier. Sometimes it’s a bit hard to navigate all the pages required and it be great to have them printed, sorted and easily accessible. Other than that, I have not complaints, so you’ve probably guessed that we’ve given it 5 mamas.

The MamaZone Review: 5 Mamas

[1] It makes mama’s life easier. The bulk of the instruction is on the video and I can easily handle the rest.  [2] It’s kid approved, though it took him a while to get used to it. [3] It delivers what was promised. [4] It’s affordable. [5] It’s unique.

I’m looking forward to finishing each Flight and I’m excited about watching my son improve as a writer and discover just how much fun writing can be.

If your interest is piqued, I encourage you to try their Free One Day Membership to check it out. I also encourage you to click the banner below to see what other Review Crew members thought of Here to Help.

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Here to Help Learning Review

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