My Ridiculous Journey From Blogger to WordPress

If you ever here me say I’m moving my blog again, please slap me. Several times. On both sides of my face. Because I’ve lost my mind. Again.

After building this website, I got the wacky idea of moving my blog from Blogger to WordPress after 4 plus years on the platform I’ve grown to love. I suppose at some point, I’ll be happy I did. Right now, I’m exhausted and waiting to find out if it was really worth all the work and anxiety. If I’m being honest, had everything gone as it should have, this wouldn’t have been that hard to accomplish. Here’s how it should have gone:

  1. Add hosting to my GoDaddy account (my domain is there–just seemed logical).
  2. Install WordPress.
  3. Install the Blogger to WordPress plugin  and follow a few “simple” steps to transfer my blog.
  4. Start blogging again.

If you follow me on Facebook or Twitter. You know it didn’t work out anywhere close to that.

Here’s what actually happened:

  1. Add hosting to my GoDaddy account (my domain is there–just seemed logical).
    1. It started off promising, then I realized I’d chosen a Windows server and should be on a Linux server. Made the change and watched it remain “pending” in my account for a couple of days. Of course they say it “could” take up to 72 hours, but in my years of dealing with them, nothing has ever taken that long. Funny thing is, I cancelled the hosting and the change was still pending a day later. Go figure.
    2. Give Hostgator a try. They’re reasonably priced, I’d used them before, I got up and running in a flash (good riddance, GoDaddy).
  2. Install WordPress.
    1. Easy Peasy. I installed it, then set up the Ultimate Coming Soon Page plugin.
    2. I then installed the Headway theme, which I love because I’m able to build my site the way I want without using a static theme.
  3. Install the Blogger to WordPress plugin  and follow a few “simple” steps to transfer my blog.
    1. Tried, then tried again (and again). Couldn’t get it to work.
    2. Found (and fell in love with) SEO Blogger to WordPress using 301 Redirection. I followed the instructions and it worked! If you plan to use it, I will mention that I had to switch my old blog back to my address for it to work. Although it says it works fine with a custom blog domain, it didn’t work for me.
  4. Start blogging again.
    1. Not so much. At some point, I realized that a full day had gone by without me receiving a single email–not even spam. Seemed odd, so I called GoDaddy who had me call Hostgator and by the next day the email was back up. Unfortunately, God only knows how many people received that “permanent fatal error” after sending me an email. If that was you, please resend!!
    2. After importing my posts and images, creating my template and cleaning up a few posts, wouldn’t you know it, the Hostgator servers crashed just as I was about to view my “new” site. Nope, not kidding!
    3. It took me a while to realize what had happened because Hostgator did not send any notification out to any customers, nor were they doing a good job keeping folks updated on Twitter. And actually, the server outage effected a number of companies and millions of sites. The icing on the cake? No email AGAIN.
    4. I understand that servers crash, but being without email again was more than I could take. In fact, this was the first (and second time) this had ever happened to me. So, back to GoDaddy I went (I know–unbelievable).

Second verse, same as the first. I set up a new hosting account–didn’t take long at all this time. I used the Updraft Plus plugin and the $30 Migrator add-on to transfer my site from Hostgator to GoDaddy. I had a few issues with images that I halfway resolved and halfway stopped caring about and THEN I was able to get back to blogging!

Holy Torpedoes, Batman, what a story! I couldn’t have made it up if I tried. Here’s believing that I made a good choice and I’ll get what I came here for. Thanks for hanging out with me! More soon…

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  • Ashley

    Oh my, you got enough misfortune with the migration for 10 blogs Anitra! I adore your courage! I know how it feels as I recently tried the Blogger to WP importer and got an error… Then I found a CMS2CMS and the migration went ok.

    I am now wondering what kept me waiting for so long as WP is the best thing that happened to my website (and it’s been only a week and a half since I moved, so I know only a tiny bit of what it can do). | am sure you’ll enjoy running your new site immensely!

    Good luck!

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