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The MamaZone: Free Printable New Year's Eve Banner and More

You need to decorate for New Year’s Eve and I need to help. That’s why I created this free New Year’s Eve printable packet to help you celebrate New Year’s without breaking the bank.

The MamaZone: Free Printable New Year's Eve Banner and More

Inside my most recent free printable packet, you’ll find a quick and easy “Happy New Year” banner, 2016 pennants, 2 blank pennants and, if you’re an Insider, 7 New Year’s Eve photo booth props.

To use, simply download the free printable PDF file, print it out on card stock or heavyweight paper and trim. Then, add ribbon, string or fishing wire to the Happy New Year banner pieces and hang.

If you’re printing the New Year’s Eve photo booth props, you’ll definitely want to print those on card stock. You can attach them to long craft sticks, some of those decorative paper straws or even skewers that have a blunt tip (I’d check Dollar General before spending too much on these). And, if you’re not an Insider and you’d like the photo props, simply sign up for the newsletter and they’re yours!

I’d love to see how you use the banners in your decorating, so tag me @zonemom on Instagram or @anitra on Twitter. Happy New Year and enjoy the free New Year’s printables. More soon…

The MamaZone: Free Printable 2016 Banner


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