Easy DIY Faux Wood Photo Backdrop

I love the look of wood backgrounds in photos, but if you don’t own expensive wood furniture, it’s a look that’s difficult to replicate. I found an alternative in this DIY faux wood photo backdrop idea. It’s quick, easy and inexpensive and I’m thrilled at how well it’s working.

The MamaZone: Easy DIY Photo Backdrop

I realize it’s a break from our norm, in that it might not make mama’s life easier. It will, however, make your blog photos and Instagram posts stand out from the crowd. Ready for the tutorial? Don’t blink, because when I say it’s “quick,” I mean just that!

EASY Do-it-Yourself Faux Wood Photo Backdrop

Supplies for Your DIY Wood Backdrop

  • Peel & Stick Faux Wood Vinyl Tile – Here, I’ve used Style Selections 6-in x 36-in Driftwood/Gray Peel-And-Stick Rustic Vinyl Plank from Lowes. They were a whopping .98¢ each.
  • Tri-fold Presentation Board (or other large piece of cardboard) – I used one from the Dollar Store for this one, but next time, I’ll spend the big bucks at Target for one of the thicker versions.
  • Craft knife – The sharper the better. You’ll be cutting through your cardboard.

Instructions for “Building” Your Wood Backdrop

  • Peel and stick.  😛 

Actually, before you peel and stick…

  • Lay your tile out and make sure it’s straight.
  • When you’re satisfied with the placement, go ahead and peel and stick!
  • Use your blade to cut off any excess cardboard. Cut close to the edge of the tile, but be careful not to cut the tile.

The MamaZone: DIY Faux Wood Photo Backdrop Tutorial

I suggest you store your new wood backdrop flat, as the tile is too heavy for the board to withstand being stored upright. If you notice the tile peeling, grab some heavy duty adhesive spray and secure it again.

I’ve used my new backdrop in a number of recent posts and I have yet to be disappointed! Check it out in my Bill Reduction Plan post, my Diet Coke Upcycling Photos and the post for my new eBook! I’m looking forward to making a few more. I picked up a darker wood-look from Lowes and I have my eye on some lighter options from Amazon. I’m also looking forward to seeing what you create. If you choose to make this tutorial your own, please drop a link to your creation in the comments below!!

Happy DIYing

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