7 Simple Tips for a Super Summer Family Vacation

Summer is just about here and it’s time to plan that family vacation. You know I always have tips for making your life easier, so I’m here to share some family-vacation lessons we’ve learned over the years. Check out these ideas for simplifying the process as you prepare for summer vacation.

The MamaZone: 7 Simple Tips for a Super Family Vacation

Simple Tips for a Planning Your Family Vacation

The MamaZone: Focus on Family Fun

  1. Get everyone involved in the planning. Listen to everyone’s ideas and get the whole family involved in planning and preparing. When everyone has buy-in, everyone will be invested in making the vacation a success. Make sure you’re including activities that will be fun for each family member. The best way to do that is to let everyone see what’s available and work together to choose what you’ll do.
  2. Choose a destination that has something for everyone. When deciding where to go, be sure you pick a destination that will be memorable for everyone. No need to go some place that will only be fun for half of you–it’s a FAMILY vacation, so make sure the whole family has fun.
  3. Create a loose itinerary. I’m all about planning, scheduling and lists, but I know that family vacations never go exactly as planned. Come up with an itinerary and ideas, but don’t expect to adhere to it strictly. Things are much more fun when you go with the flow. Our best family vacation moments are the ones that happened naturally.
  4. Adhere to a no phone/low phone policy. One thing we often do on vacation is to only allow our kids to use their phones for photos. In fact, sometimes I’ll give them an “assignment” to take a certain amount of photos, with the goal being to keep their focus on the fun. Decide as a family to disconnect and turn the attention to family time. This will come with a number of groans and complaints, but stick to your guns. You’ll be glad you did.
  5. Focus on your family more than your plans. This goes along with #3. Make sure family is the focus. This means being more concerned about enjoying each other than you are about crossing things off your vacation to-do-list. It will be worth it.
  6. Take lots of photos (even if someone won’t cooperate!). I am obsessed with family pictures and I’m on level 10 when we’re on vacation. This drives my family crazy, but I’m committed to capturing our family moments whether they like it or not. And, as much as they hate posing for those pictures, they appreciate re-living those memories in our family photo books. So, take lots of pictures even if they don’t want you to. They’ll thank you later.
  7. Don’t overpay. If you’ve hung out on the blog for a while, you know I like a good deal. This is never as true as when I’m planning our vacations! Do your research, track down coupons and cash in those travel and hotel points. Don’t end your vacation with spending regrets. Set a budget and stick to it. (That’s a great lesson for the kids!)

The MamaZone: Planning a Family Vacation

These tips have helped us enjoy quite a few family vacations over the years. I’m sure they’ll help you make the most of your next vacation. If they do, be sure to pop by and let me know all about it! Enjoy your trip…

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