Planning a Family Movie Night When You Have Teens

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Raise your hand if you did not waste your tax refundIf you took my advice, you should have some extra money left over to reward yourself and your family. Our reward took full advantage of the free VUDU movie credit included in the Walmart Family Mobile PLUS Plan. It made it just a bit easier to pull off an awesome family movie night–something that’s harder to do now that we have a teen and a tween.

Free Movies and Some Extra Spending Money

I know you’re ready to read our tips on getting teenagers excited about family movie night. Before I get to that, here’s a reminder about how the Walmart Family Mobile PLUS Plan can help make that happen. You’ll end up with some extra spending money since it’s just $49.88 per line for Unlimited* Talk, Text, & Data (*Includes up to 10GB of 4G LTE† data then 2Gand since Family Mobile bills you later, you’ll only pay $19.88 for the SIM Kit to get started. Plus, every month, you’ll get a free VUDU movie credit worth $7 (same as new release rental). There are great phones available, like the Samsung Galaxy On5 featured in these photos–the regular price is $119 and it was on rollback for $69 at our local Walmart.

Planning a Family Movie Night - The MamaZone

Now, let’s turn those free movies and extra cash into some family fun…

Planning an Epic Movie Night When You Have Teenagers

As the kids have gotten older, they almost always prefer to be out with their friends than at home with the old people. We have to be pretty creative (and sometimes even bribe them) to get them to hang out with us these days. If you’re in the same boat, follow these tips to plan a family movie night your teens won’t complain about!

Family Movie Night with Teens - The MamaZone

Here’s how:

  1. Give it some thought. Don’t just throw something together at the last minute. Remember, this is a reward for using that tax refund wisely, so think it through and consider what your family will enjoy most.
  2. Tell them in advance and text a reminder. They’re on their phones anyway, so use that to let them know when to be home for some family fun. Give them some advance notice and if they’re out and about on the day of, text a quick reminder. Walmart Family Mobile - Samsung On5
  3. Make everyone’s favorite meal. We happen to all love breakfast for dinner, so I knew this would be a great choice for our family movie night. Of course there was some conflict over whether we’d have pancakes or waffles, so to make them both happy, I made both (I got a new griddle out of that!).
  4. Include each person’s favorite snack. Although we started with dinner, what’s a movie night without movie snacks?! I grabbed everyone’s favorite treats and drinks along with some very cute mason jar cups. As for the popcorn containers, I personalized them with a’s and d’s. I printed out a paper template of each letter, placed my template inside the container and traced on the outside with a paint pen. Easy!Family Movie Night Dinner and Snacks - The MamaZone
  5. Grab blankets and an air mattress. If you’re gonna watch a movie, you might as well be cozy. This is the perfect excuse to pick up some new throw blankets, and we think movie night is best with the air mattress against the sofa.
  6. Make it a marathon. That free VUDU movie makes a great start to a movie marathon. We’re able to easily stream from VUDU using our smart TV, so setting up the movie takes very little effort. Of course,  picking a movie is usually the hardest part–a problem that’s solved when you start early in the day and opt for a marathon. If you need an easy way to decide whose movie to watch first, Rock-Paper-Scissors solves most of the sibling disagreements around here.
  7. Make sure family time is the priority. Let friends know it’s family time and adhere to a no-tech rule for the evening. You’ve likely already helped them to develop this habit by the time they’re teens, but a reminder never hurts.
    Walmart Family Mobile Family Movie Night - The MamaZone

Mix that all together and focus on having fun. And, by all means, forget about making it Pinterest-perfect–just do it all with love.

Remember to Check out Walmart Family Mobile

Before you leave me to plan your awesome family movie night, remember to check out the Walmart Family Mobile PLUS Plan. Find the SIM kit and the Samsung Galaxy On5 in the Electronics department at your local Walmart.

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While you’re there, you should also be able to find everything you need to reproduce our family movie night. What are your ideas for an amazing family movie night with teens?  Let’s chat about it in the comments or on The MamaZone’s Facebook page.

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  • Stephanie C.

    Great tips for getting your teens interested! Looks like a fun movie night! #client

  • When my two teen daughter’s were younger, I could serve them the same snacks, but not anymore! Now we must have options, so I love that you personalized everyone’s snack options and am pinning for later.

    • Oh, I remember those days too! They do love to complicate things for us now, don’t they ;-).

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