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What do your kids think about math and science–are they lovers or loathers? While my little guy enjoys science, he absolutely sees math as an enemy he’d prefer not to fight. That leaves me in constant pursuit of new ways to develop his interest in math and I recently stumbled upon a wonderful tool to add to my arsenal.

Einstein in a Box (now Groovy Lab in a Box) is a clever product that offers kids hands-on experience in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). I was drawn to it because my son loves creating, investigating and working with his hands. I knew it would be a great way for him to do some of the things he loves, while I secretly offered him opportunities to use math outside of his school setting. I’m always looking for ways to play to his strengths when it comes to his education and I just knew Einstein in a Box would be a big hit.

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About Einstein in a Box

Einstein in a Box is a monthly subscription box that arrives on your doorstep with everything you need to give your child a hands-on STEM experience. We’ve seen a massive increase in emphasis on STEM education in our country in recent years and, while that emphasis typically results in boring worksheets and rote memorization, Einstein in a Box makes STEM fun.

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The product was created by Elaine Hansen and Monica Canavan. As scientists, parents and educators, they understand how important it is for children to think both critically and creatively and they’ve incorporated those ideas into each monthly box. Their purpose is to “provide children with an opportunity to focus his or her imagination, determination, and innately inquisitive nature” while using the Engineering Design Process. Each project gives children concrete opportunities to express their inner STEMist while simultaneously having fun.

STEM•ist /stĕmʹĭst/ n. Expert in applying science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Creator, genius, inventor…Einstein.

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When I say the box includes everything, I mean absolutely everything you need to complete every activity. Check out their “What’s In The Box” page to see just how extensive it is. There’s no need to shop for anything extra and the Lab Notebook includes everything your child needs to investigate, question and brainstorm each theme. In addition to the supplies and the Lab Notebook (which has expanded and is now the size of the perimeter of the box), you also have access to a wealth of additional resources in the “Beyond The Box” section of their website.

Our Review of Einstein in a Box

We reviewed the Lunar Launch box and it was the perfect subject to start with for my son. I’ve created a separate post on our Lunar Launch Investigations to keep this post from being way too long (check it out). In short, I think Einstein in a Box is absolutely awesome.

I had some challenges getting my guy to listen as I read and explained the actual lesson (he just wanted to get to the fun!). My fingers are crossed that some of the information seeped through. The Lab Book is extremely thorough and, while I gave the topics a cursory overview for the purposes of this review, if you’re homeschooling or even utilizing the content with students, there’s more than enough information to use it as a science unit.

Einstein in a Box

Our rating? 5 mamas!

5 mamas[1] It definitely makes mama’s life easier. I’m able to give him academic support and he’s able to have fun doing it. [2] It’s kid approved and even the neighborhood kids couldn’t get enough of it. [3] The box delivers what was promised. [4] The product is well worth the price at $26.95 for a monthly subscription with savings when you purchase 3, 6 or 12 month subscriptions up front. [5] The product is unique and I highly recommend it!
Blowing in the Wind

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