DIY Wood Succulent Planter Boxes

This week, we’re scratching our DIY itch by creating wood succulent planter boxes! I’m beyond excited to show you how we did it in another DIY tutorial here at The MamaZone.

DIY Wood Succulent Planter Boxes

I’m a fan of succulents and I was thrilled to find these clever wood boxes to plant them in.  I thought it would be extremely easy to do, then it occurred to me that the wood boxes I chose had no drainage holes for my little plants. So, I did my research (in an effort to make your life a bit easier!) and  found a very simple way to give these sweet little succulents new homes. Check out this clever DIY planting project and see how much we’re enjoying our succulents all over the house.

Supplies for Your Wood Succulent Planter Boxes

Supplies for Planting Succulents in Wood Boxes with No Drainage

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Now, if you have wood planters that do have drainage holes, you can skip the first three items on the list. No drainage holes? You’ll at least need the garbage bag or plant liner to keep the wood dry. I was very concerned about the roots rotting, so I searched and searched for a solution. I discovered that activated charcoal would help and when I couldn’t find that anywhere locally, my search led me to activated filter carbon. Thanks to The Chic Site, I discovered that you can grab it at the pet store. I found it at a local aquarium store and the owner there told me he uses it in his planting all the time. #Score!

Instructions for Planting Your Succulents

This became an absolute family affair. If you saw the planting time-lapse video on Facebook, those are Nana’s hands doing all the work. I was thrilled to have another way to display my Mother’s Day poem and my son got in on things by painting his own planter. Everybody loves how they all turned out and I’d love to see your results, so tag @zonemom on Instagram.

Enough about us, though. Grab your supplies, cover your work area and dive into this easy planting activity.

  1. Cut your liner or garbage bag to fit your container, but leave a few inches of excess. You’ll cut it down to size once all the gravel and soil is in the container.
  2. Add the aquarium gravel. This is just one more layer of protection. I used it because we had it laying around. You might be able to skip this part.
  3. Add the activated carbon. 
  4. Add the potting soil.
  5. Plant your succulents. Dig out space in your soil and be sure to gently loosen the roots.
  6. Water them.
  7. Add a decorative layer of rocks, moss or aquarium gravel.
  8. Enjoy!

A few notes: The next time we do this, I’ll make sure to seal all the wood containers with Polyeurathane for an extra layer of protection. I only sealed the two that I stained and didn’t think to stain the others. I’ll also probably go to the trouble of looking for square plant liners that fit my container. I think I’d feel better with that extra layer of protection.

Learning to plant succulents

These have been a great addition to our home decor and they’d also make great Mother’s Day gifts! Let me know if you run into trouble planting your succulents in your wooden boxes. I do hope the tips on planting in pots without drainage will help.

Are you as into succulents as I am? Let’s chat about it in the comments.

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