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The MamaZone: DIY Photo Booth - Super Star Theme

I LOVE to sing. It’s a rarely shared fact here on the blog, but it’s true. And, like any good mom would, I’ve tricked my family into loving what I love. Music is hugely important in our little world and it’s a rare moment to find someone not singing around here.

And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

We sing ourselves through family challenges, family trips and especially, for family fun. We’re always sharing songs with each other and that’s why I’m all over the new Share A Coke And A Song products from Coca-Cola™.

What a great way to get folks singing, sharing and having fun! It was also a great way to get us expressing ourselves in front of our DIY Super Star Photo Booth (with printable props!). I’m sharing the instructions below, but first, instructions on a special Share a Coke Sweepstakes.

Share A Coke And A Song - The MamaZone

Enter to win the Share a Coke Sweepstakes

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  1. Snap a selfie with your favorite lyrics on a Share a Coke® bottle or can.
  2. Upload your selfie to Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #ShareaCokeSweepstakes.
  3. Enter up to 12 times to increase your chances of winning a trip for 2 to the 2016 American Music Awards®, along with hundreds of other great prizes, including: wireless headphones, wireless speakers, a 1 year Premium Music App Membership or a $50 Music Gift Card.

The MamaZone: Coke Photo Booth

Enter to win as soon as you’re done here. Now, on to those photo booth instructions.

Easy DIY Super Star Photo Booth

The MamaZone: DIY Photo Booth

You might remember this DIY Photo Booth idea from last year. I discovered how easy it was to turn a plastic table cloth, some cardboard and a photo backdrop into a party photo booth and it was a big hit at my 40th. Here’s an updated version, along with a set of free printable photo props that are great for enjoying the Share A Coke and A Song bottles. Grab a Coke and let’s get started.

DIY Photo Booth Supplies

  • Plastic Tablecloth
  • Backdrop or Wrapping Paper
  • Decorative Letters
  • Decorative Tape
  • Scissors
  • Sturdy Cardboard
  • Fishing Wire
  • Glue Gun
  • Packaging Tape and Thumbtacks
  • Craft Blade

DIY Photo Booth Instructions

Choose what size your photo booth will be. This one was approximately 5’x5′.

  1. Measure, cut and hang your backdrop. I used wrapping paper this time and found that I prefer the vinyl backdrop. The paper works though. Just decide how you’ll hide any overlap, if necessary. You might also opt for just editing your pictures later using PicMonkey*, like I did!
  2. Prepare your curtains.
    1. Cut a plastic table cloth to your desired height and width. Each of my curtains was 1½’ wide and 5′ long.
    2. To get rid of the creases in the plastic table cloth pieces, I tossed them in the dryer with a damp towel for 3 minutes. I then rolled them taut around my wrapping paper roll for a day or so. (Have someone pull tightly from the other end while you roll!)
  3. Hang your curtains.
    1. Tape the top of each curtain just above the top of your backdrop.
    2. Fold the outer edge in and secure the underside with tape.
    3. Fold the inner edge in to create the swag effect.
    4. Make a “tie back” with clear tape and cover with decorative tape.
  4. Create your cardboard cornice.
    1. Decide how high you want your cornice. Mine was about 3″.
    2. Cut enough cardboard to cover the length of your backdrop and tape your pieces together with packaging tape.
    3. Create two corner pieces. I wanted my cornice to protrude about 4″ off the wall, so I cut two pieces that were approximately 3″ high and 6″ long. Fold each corner piece to create a double L shape (each folded side should be 1″).
    4. Staple or hot glue the long cardboard piece to the corner pieces.
    5. Use a piece of table cloth to cover the cardboard cornice.
    6. Secure your cornice to the wall with CommandStrips or thumbtacks.
    7. Create another piece similar to the corner pieces and use it as a brace in the center of your cornice.The MamaZone: Cardboard Cornice Instructions
  5. Hang your letters.
    • Tape the back of each letter to the fishing wire. I draped them onto one long piece last time and hung them individually this time.
    • Tape your fishing wire to the inside of your cornice.
  6. Print these free photo props, add family and friends and enjoy!

The MamaZone: Coke Photo Props

I’d love to see pictures of your photo booth and would really love seeing you #ExpressURSelfie in front of it. So, run down to Albertsons, grab your favorite Coca-Cola product, crank up the music and take a picture with it in front of your photo booth creation.  Here’s where I found it:

The MamaZone: Share a Coke and a Song Bottles at Alberstons

I can’t wait to see yours–remember to share it!

Coke - Express Your Selfie - The MamaZone

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