4 Reasons Why Your Family Needs a Firewall

Have you ever considered an internet firewall for your home? We recently beefed up our internet security with one and I’m here with a few reasons you might need one for your family as well.

Getting Started with CUJO Smart Internet Firewall

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Here’s a scary thought: someone, right now, could be looking for ways to hack into your home network. Whether you’re wired or wireless and whether you connect to the internet via your smart phone, computer or other devices, your network might be vulnerable to internet security threats and your antivirus software might not be enough.

Enter CUJO.

While you might be thinking of that infamous vicious dog, there’s no reason to be afraid. CUJO is a smart firewall for your home network that keeps all of your connected devices secureIt goes further than your antivirus software to protect your entire home from internet intrusions. It detects and blocks viruses, hacks, and malicious sites, while also allowing you to monitor and control what your kids access online.

Reasons to Purchase a Firewall for Your Home

Cujo Smart Firewall Review - The Mama Zone

  • You have kids who use the internet or a connected gaming system.

Let’s face it: when it comes to using the internet, kids make mistakes. Whether they’re clicking on a “free stuff” link or downloading mods for their games, they don’t always know what’s safe and what’s not. CUJO helps by blocking suspicious sites and allowing parents to create filters, set time limits, pause the internet and more. You set parental controls using the app, which also lets you monitor their usage and notifies you of threats.

  • You use your computer for online banking and storing personal information.

My credit card number was stolen a few months ago and, while I’m pretty careful online and we haven’t pinpointed exactly where it happened, you can never be too careful. We store a lot of private information and conduct a lot of personal business on our phones and laptops. CUJO helps block hackers who would attempt to exploit security flaws in our home networks to access private financial information.

  • You have WiFi connected devices such as smart TVs, security cameras, garage door openers, smart thermostats, etc.

I’m all for the smart home, but these devices often offer an open door to hackers. Since they are not protected by antivirus software, a firewall definitely helps. CUJO blocks access to all of the devices connected to your WiFi router, ensuring that your smart home is also a secure one.

  • Nana or Grandpa (or you!) like to click on all those tempting Facebook links.

I’m throwing this one in for my mom, because I’m constantly reminding her not to click on strange links in emails, Facebook posts and those work-from-home sites she likes to visit ;-). When it comes to internet security, Seniors can often be just as vulnerable as the kids. CUJO blocks links to suspicious sites and gives an immediate alert via notifications from the app.

CUJO Smart Firewall App

Getting Started with the CUJO Smart Internet Firewall

CUJO brings business-level security to the home network in a plug-and-play device. Just grab it from Best Buy, download the app, plug it in and connect it to your router. If you run into trouble, their support team is amazing. My wireless router put up a bit of a fight, but after a short remote support session, it was up and running.

Cujo Firewall Setup

I definitely feel more secure knowing we have this additional level of internet protection. Find out more about CUJO’s business-level security for your home network, then share your thoughts with me in the comments below or on The Mama Zone’s Facebook page.


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Reasons Your Family Needs a Firewall - The Mama Zone

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