Being Intentional About Creating Family Memories

They say scent has a stronger connection to memory than any of our senses. I’m pretty sure they are right, because every time I smell Ivory Soap, I immediately think of my mother. It’s incredible how something as simple as a bar of soap can rekindle childhood memories. Ivory Soap was definitely woven into the fabric of my upbringing, so I welcomed this opportunity to join this conversation on family time and #EverydayIvory moments.

Creating Family Memories #EverydayIvory - The MamaZone

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Just one whiff of Ivory and I’m back in our kitchen, listening to my mom say, “If you do it right the first time, you won’t have to do it again.” It makes me wonder what my kids will remember about me when they’re grown and on their own. I have a feeling they’ll clearly recall my excessive use of the word “foolishness” and my constant requests to take their pictures. What they may not realize is how intentional I’ve been about creating family memories, but I’m certain they’ll feel the effects.

Creating Family Memories #EverydayIvory - The MamaZone

I’m also certain they’ll pull from our family moments to create family memories of their own. They’ll remember the bulk of what we’ve taught them as well as the moments when we’ve let them teach us. As an aside, I also hope they’ll remember how hard I worked to stock our cabinets with products that are healthier for them to use. I’m not sure if my mom realized that Ivory Soap was pure and free of dyes, heavy perfumes and parabens. Maybe that subconsciously influenced me to care so much about using purer products today. But I digress.

Family Memories - The MamaZone

I consider it a privilege to be the Chief Memory Facilitator in our house. It’s just one more mom job I’m happy to tackle even when no one else wants to be bothered. Take a moment to consider whether you’re being intentional about creating family memories. Share your family memories and join the conversation by following the hashtag #EverydayIvory.

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  • I love your family photos in this post! Creating family memories is important to me. It really is some of the simplest things that are so memorable.

    • I had so much fun taking these pictures (I’m not sure if my kids would agree, but there’s one more memory for them!!).

  • Babies to Bookworms

    I love the title of Chief Memory Facilitator! I find myself wondering what my daughter will remember about her childhood. I hope I can giver her some great memories to look back on!

    • Thanks. I’m certain you will!

  • Kristen Carlson

    I completely agree about smell. Every time I smell oranges I instantly think of my grandma. It is such a wonderful memory to have!

    • Isn’t it funny how that works? I always think of my grandma when I smell Thanksgiving dinner ;-). She was always cooking, but somehow that’s the meal that brings her to mind most.

  • Kassi Sherman

    I love this. I was just talking to a girlfriend about the types of memories I want to help create for my child. I hope he at least remember a few things once he is all grown. Thank you for sharing your story!

    • You’re quite welcome. It’s great to hear that you’re thinking about it early!

  • Karen

    It’s funny how our memories of smell are stronger than other types of memories! There are certain scents that take me right back to when I was young, and the emotions of that time hit me faster the details of the memory.

    I sometimes think about what kind of memories I’m making with my family, and I know that I need to try harder at putting time and effort into making lasting memories!

  • Maria A. Malaveci

    OMG yes! Smell! I remember smells from childhood! Especially perfume that I wore in my teens!

  • Marian F.

    Memories…. My mother used Ivory for everything! Baths, stains, upholstery, if you could use Ivory on it she used it. When I smell ivory I think of my childhood because that was the only soap we ever used.
    As my children get older I try to make plenty of memories with them. I know that the cleaners I use in my home will help them remember how our house smelled and the smell of campfires will bring back good memories of us sitting around the fire ring as a family.

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