Chalkboard Back to School Countdown

It’s almost time. In about two weeks, I’ll be loading my sweet peas onto the bus and sending them off to the first day of school. As with most major events, we love a visual countdown, so I created a chalkboard countdown printable for us and thought I’d share it with you as you prepare to get your kids back to school too.

Chalkboard Back to School Countdown Printable

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Grab Your Free Back To School Countdown Printables

I’ve used 2 fun chalkboard fonts and created two versions–one black and white and one in color. This was originally a printable made just for my Insiders email listbut it’s been such a highly requested printable over the years, that I decided to offer it to anyone who wants it!

Simply click on the images below to get the back to school countdown you’d prefer. Both files are PDFs, so you’ll need Adobe Acrobat to open them. They’re also both 8½ x 11, but if you want smaller numbers, I’d suggest using your printer’s dialog box to select “multiple pages” and “landscape” to print two on a page. This way, you’ll get numbers that are half the size, saving yourself paper and ink.

I hope you and your kiddos enjoy using these printables. I’d LOVE to see pictures of how you use them, so feel free to tag me on Instagram (@ZoneMom) or post them on The Mama Zone’s Facebook page. And, if you’d like to show how much you like them, I’d love to have you share them. Thanks in advance for that! Best…

back to school countdown calender
Black and White Chalkboard Back to School Countdown Printable
back to school countdown printable
Full Color Chalkboard Back to School Countdown Printable
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