Capturing and Sharing Family Memories Digitally


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Remember when we had to depend on cameras with film? I cannot tell you how many family memories got sucked into the black hole of the unprocessed film canister. I took pictures with a sincere intention to develop and share them with friends and family. Unfortunately, I ended up with a collection of dusty canisters atop piles of photo envelopes holding those special moments and memories hostage.

Good thing we live in the digital age now! Thanks to technology, I can capture and share family memories as we make them. Here are a few ways I use devices and apps to snag moments like this picture of my guy hugging Thomas Jefferson’s (#priceless).


Here we go:

  1. Double up. When we’re out making memories, I pack my digital camera AND my iPhone. I use the phone for quick shareable moments and my camera for more “serious” shots.
  2. Go crazy. I take a ton of pictures to make sure I’ve captured as many memories as possible. It’s easy to delete them later.
  3. Make it hAPPen. Since we’re far away from our extended family, I make the most of Instagram and Facebook to share our memories. I also use Dropbox so my photos don’t get trapped in my phone and to easily share pics to my husband’s phone as well. Some other favorite photo apps include VSCOcam, which tricks out my iPhone camera a bit, ColorSplash, for a splash of color on black and white photos and OSnap! for time lapse and stop motion videos (I’m obsessed with them).
  4. Go Go gadget. I love taking pictures with my iPhone and, although it has improved a great deal over the years, I keep a few gadgets on hand to help out. My favorites right now are my sling shot, which is like a tripod, and a pocket spotlight, spy lens and wide angle lens for my iPhone that I picked up at Photojojo. 
  5. Book ’em. Instead of piles of pictures, I have a shelf of photobooks I made online. They’re inexpensive and easy to create and share. I order from Mixbook, Tiny Prints and Shutterfly (depending on their sales!) and I also like Blurb. For a quick card, I LOVE Smilebox and all of these companies make great photo gifts.

And, here’s a bonus tip: PicMonkey is perfect for editing, enhancing and adding text to your photos.

There you have it. This is how I capture and share our family memories so they don’t get held hostage.  The digital age sure has made the process more convenient and I’m looking forward to making and sharing memories for years to come! I’d love to hear how you capture and share family photos, too. Let’s chat a bit in the comments before you go.

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