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If you read this week’s What Mama Learned, you know I’ve spent some time hiding out in the bookstore. We’ve had some parenting twists and turns lately and rather than screaming into a pillow, I went in search of some expert help. As I perused the bookstore shelves, I realized our current list of parenting books could use some freshening up. Here is the list of books we chose and why.

Praying Circles Around the Lives of Your Children by Mark Batterson

“Your prayers have the power to shape the destiny of your children and your children’s children. It’s time to start circling.”

I am a Mark Batterson fan. We read his book, The Circle Maker, a couple of years ago and I’ve been hooked on his writing ever since. He has a great deal of insight when it comes to prayer so, I’m looking forward to discovering what he has to say about praying for our children. If the previous books he’s written are any indication, I’m sure this will be transformative.

Your Legacy by Dr. James Dobson

“How can you teach your children what matters most? It is by being intentional about their spiritual training. Your Legacy will help you make that the central priority of your family.”

We have a number of books by Dr. Dobson. We’ve learned a great deal about raising healthy, whole children and we’ve come to trust his parenting expertise. We talk a great deal about legacy in our home, so I was a little surprised we hadn’t picked this one up yet. I’m looking forward to digging into it.

Building Confidence in Your Child by Dr. James Dobson

Building Confidence in Your Child teaches moms and dads how to parent positively to help their children grow into secure adults who are poised for success in life.”

I want to raise confident, secure children. I have a keen insecurity-radar and I am extremely sensitive about this as it relates to my children. I’m also aware that there has to be real balance–I don’t want overly confident, arrogant children either! I’ve read a number of books on the subject, but gravitated toward this one because one more won’t hurt!

Dad, Here’s What I Really Need From You by Michelle Watson

“In a time when young girls may be drifting toward unhealthy decisions and relationships, you can take action to transform your daughter’s life, choices, and future.”

Here’s another issue I’m sensitive about! I grew up without a father and I’ve had to drag myself out of some daddy issues. I’m glad my husband decided to give it a gander. It’ll likely do me some good to read it as well.

Becoming a Spiritually Healthy Family by Michelle Anthony

“Becoming a spiritually healthy family means you will allow God to call the shots for you and your family members and that you look to Him to give you wisdom instead of relying on your own strength or great ideas.”

I can’t wait to read this one. In fact, I really wanted to start with this one, but we opted to start with another one. The author points to six styles of dysfunctional parenting and I’d already seen myself in a couple after a quick thumb-through! I’m sure this book will be insightful and I’m also sure my kids will be happy to know I’ve read it ;-).

How To Really Love Your Teen | How To Really Love Your Child by Dr. Ross Campbell

“…did you know that most children, even in loving households, doubt that they are genuinely and unconditionally loved?”

I often ask my kids if they know how deeply loved they are. They always say yes, but sometimes I wonder if they really see and feel how much we love them. Of the eight books we found, we started with these. If they don’t receive our love, much of the other stuff won’t matter. I’m looking forward to digging into these two titles.

The New Strong-Willed Child by Dr. James Dobson

“If you are struggling to raise and teach children who are convinced they should be able to live by their own rules, The New Strong-Willed Child is a must-read.”

We’re digging into this one both, as a refresher, and out of curiosity to see what’s new. It’ll probably be one we skim, but I definitely want to add the updated edition to our library.

These should keep us busy for a while.

I’d love to chat with you about these books, so if you’ve read them or think you might read any of them, let’s chat about it on Facebook or Twitter and in the comments below!



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  • CherryBlossomMJ

    Spirited Child has been my new parenting read, and oh my goodness! It explains my middle child!!

    • zonemom

      I considered adding that one, too!

  • annette from A Net in Time

    hmm… some interesting books you’ve listed here.

  • Anitra, I just put the Dobson building confidence book on hold at the library, before I read your post! Thank you for these great book ideas. I’m rather horrified by the story in the open book in your Instagram shot. I’ve got that book on my Kindle; time to dig in!

    • zonemom

      Great minds think alike ;-). That is definitely a scary story–makes you think!!

  • My daughter isn’t a teen yet but this is a great resource to know about. I know I gave my mom a few gray hairs. Thankfully she was praying hard over me!

    • zonemom

      I gave my mom a few too!

  • slehan

    I love books for so many reasons and helping me understand things is a big one.

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