Check Your Messages: A Printable Bible Verse Workbook for Kids

Our kids are bombarded with messages all day every day, and while they might not all be bad, too few of them are aimed at teaching them about who they really are and what God has promised them. Because there are so many other things to focus on, they may need a little help to hone in on the messages that matter most. I definitely need some help to make that happen. So, I created a fun little e-book with our kids in mind.

The MamaZone: Bible Verse Workbook for Kids

A Bible Verse Workbook for Kids

CHECK YOUR MESSAGES is a printable workbook that contains work pages, illustrations and coloring pages to help kids memorize scripture. It’s aimed at helping children of all ages discover the treasures of God’s Word, while building a habit of Bible study. Here’s what inside:

  • 50+ Pages
  • 12 Bible Verses
  • 12 Black and White Printable Illustrations
  • 12 Interaction Pages
  • 12 DIY Pages for Kids to Complete
  • 12 BONUS Full-color Printables

It’s available here on The MamaZone and it’s yours for less than the price of your favorite caffeine crave. Buy it now for $2.99 by clicking the BUY NOW button below. This will take you to PayPal Checkout–your payment is secure and you don’t need a PayPal account to purchase it.

There is also a kindle version available and you can grab that here on Since you can’t print from your Kindle, when you purchase the book on, you’ll find a link to the free printable PDF version in the introduction.

Go ahead and download the FREE sample pages and peruse the dedicated Pinterest board for a FREE preview. Once you’re convinced, click the Buy Now button below.  And once you’ve downloaded, be sure to let me know what you think!

Buy NowThe MamaZone: Download Sample Pages of Check Your MessagesThe MamaZone on Pinterest: Scriptures to Teach Your Kids

(And if you’re looking more resources, grab my FREE 101 Bible Verses to Teach Kids printable before you go!)

  • What a great idea! I completely agree that this world is not pointing our kids to God’s truth and it is a blessing to have Christian resources like yours at our fingertips. I am pinning this and am now following you. What a blessing to find you through the SITS Sharefest!

    • zonemom

      Thanks for stopping by and for pinning!!

  • Takisha Nesbitt

    Hi Anitra, I found you on SITS Sharefest. I’ve been on your blog for less than 5 minutes. I LOVE IT!! I will be a frequent visitor. Thank you for all the resources.

    • zonemom

      Thanks, Takisha!!

  • Rachel Sawyer

    Once I’ve paid for the download on paypal, how will I receive it? I bought it earlier but don’t see how or where to actually download it.

    • Anitra Elmore

      Hi Rachel, Paypal should have directed you to the download page. I just sent an email with the correct link. Sorry about the inconvenience and thanks for ordering!

  • Jennifer Boehme

    I hope many find this a great learning experience. Most get study guides from church, but there are some who can not get to a church, and this helps them. Good thing here.

  • carawling

    That’s a wonderful idea, helpful and fun for the kids

  • Sharon Schoepe

    What a wonderful idea. Definelty something I will be using with my kids when we finish the Bible study we are on now

  • slehan

    It’s good to have good news messages rather than all the junk that floats around TV & the internet.

  • Laurie Emerson

    This is such a great idea. I like the thought of them hearing message to uplift their spirits and give such positive thoughts.

  • yellowlabs

    This is a awesome idea for kids! I love that is helps them memorize scripture.

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