Simplifying Home Life with a Best Buy In-Home Consultation

Are you considering some upgrades around the house? Read on to see how a Best Buy in-home consultation can help!

Best Buy In-Home Consultation

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We are planning some upgrades around the house and to say we could use some help is an understatement. It’s hard to decide all the wheres, whats and hows of it all. I’m all about DIY for most things, but when it comes to adding tech and upgrading our kitchen, I’m a bit out of my depth.

We’ve brought in an interior designer to help with our decorating issues and we’re on our way to the painter and the landscaper. One consultant I hadn’t considered adding to the list was someone to help with my dreams of making our home a smart home. I recently found out Best Buy can help with that and their in-home consulation is just what we need to figure it all out.

What’s included in a Best Buy In-Home Consultation?

Best Buy is a name we’ve trusted in our home for years. That goes a long way toward giving me some peace of mind when it comes to bringing them in for an in-home consultation. Here’s what they offer:
  • In-Home Consultations are free.
  • Best Buy In-Home Advisors are competent, whole-home experts that can address projects of any size.
  • Advisors meet customers in their homes and answer questions about Wi-Fi, smart home, appliances, home theater, and more.
  • Advisors provide recommendations and a personalized plan. Consumers can choose what works for them, and Best Buy will coordinate deliveries and installations.
Best Buy In-Home Consultation-Kitchen Appliances

A Few Ideas for your Consultation

I’m personally considering smart home products, like new thermometers, automated lighting and security. I’ve had my eye on a Ring doorbell, which has a voice feature that offers hands-free help in checking who is at the door on your smart display, TV or phone.
Another one to consider is the Eero, which will help ramp up your WiFi. The Eero uses TrueMesh technology to enable great WiFi performance and reliability no matter how many devices you use in your home.
This last suggestion is one I can only dream about–the GE Profile Wall Oven. One fun feature is hot air frying, which will give you crispy, fried food FROM THE OVEN without any oil. It’s a double oven and that’s been on my wish list for years! (Maybe Santa has some ideas I don’t know about.)
If you’re working on upgrades around the house, consider an in-house consultation first. If you decide to go for it, pop back over and leave a comment or let’s chat about it on social.


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