Back to School, Back to Routines

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The MamaZone-Healthy Back To School Routine

It’s time to go back to school and in this house, that means back to routines, back to reminders and back to fighting off morning chaos.  And, while I’m never 100% successful at it, I’ve learned a few ways to keep that chaos at bay. I’ve also learned how to get their morning off to a healthy start and I thought these tidbits might be helpful for ya!

The MamaZone-Back To School Morning Routine

Establishing a Back To School Routine

We started the process of establishing a morning routine way back when the kids were small. And, although they’re in middle school and high school now, I still hover a bit to make sure they’re remembering everything. Things have also changed a little since one is now homeschooled, but the core of our routine remains the same. Here it is…

  • A specific bedtime. It’s nearly impossible to corral grumpy kids in the morning. We curb this by making sure they get enough sleep and this means getting to bed on time.
  • A night-time routine. We leave the heavy preparation for the night before. This makes the mornings a little lighter and goes a long way toward reducing stress. Lunches get made, backpacks get packed and homework is done before bed. This makes the morning routine so much easier.
  • A checklist. I love a good checklist and this is a great way to make sure each kid remembers the essentials in the morning. I’ve placed them on the bathroom mirror, refrigerator door (and sometimes all 3 places) to make sure I don’t have to follow kids around in a fuss or drive back to the school with things they’ve forgotten. While they’re lists differ (since one leaves the house and one doesn’t), the goal of keeping them focused and accountable is still the same. This little piece of paper goes a long way toward keeping our mornings orderly.


  • A healthy breakfast. Now that they’re older, I rarely ever have to involve myself in breakfast, but I do try to make the first day of school count ;-). Every other morning, they can pull together a healthy breakfast on their own and these days Nature Made® KIDS FIRST® Multivitamin Gummies are a part of that. We’ve always made sure they had a multivitamin as well as an omega and I  like that they can get both in one gummy with Nature Made® KIDS FIRST® Multivitamin with Omega-3 Gummies. Here’s why I like them:

• They provide 11 essential nutrients, including vitamins A, C, D, E and B, as well as Zinc and the essential omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA.

• They come in all-natural fruit flavors of Strawberry, Lemon & Orange.

• The colors are derived from natural sources–no synthetic dyes.

No preservatives or yeast.

• They’re gluten free.

Nature Made Kids First Multivitamin

You can add Nature Made® KIDS FIRST® Multivitamin Gummies to your morning routine on your next trip to Target. They’re easy to find and they’re affordable.

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Let’s chat in the comments: I’d love to hear how you curb the chaos of your morning routine and your tips for making it healthy. And if you’ve tried Nature Made® KIDS FIRST® Multivitamins, I’d love to know your thoughts!

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