21 Simple Romance Ideas: Day 18

The MamaZone-21 Simple Romance Ideas

It’s day 18 in our Simple Romance series.  Click on the previous days for more!

  1. Get rid of the kids.
  2. Say yes to the dress. 
  3. Talk to the (wo)man in the mirror. 
  4. Heat things up.
  5. Bedtime stories.
  6. Remember the Roses. 
  7. Dancing with the stars…
  8. Grab-bag romance.
  9. TTYL XOX.
  10. Top Ten.
  11. Play Favorites.
  12. Turn back time.
  13. A Little PDA. 
  14. Make a Mixtape (I mean, a playlist). 
  15. Picnic in the…
  16. Kiss. 
  17. Just do it.
  18. Tiny bubbles. Or big bubbles. You decide. Just fill the tub with them, light up the candles and surprise your honey with a relaxing bubble bath.

Look for more tomorrow (and remember to share and chime in!).

~>Day 19: Shh…



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