14+ Clever Valentine’s Day Ideas, Crafts and More

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Looking for some unique Valentine’s Day ideas? I’ve scoured through the blogs of some friends and awesome bloggers and found some very clever crafts, meals, printables and more for the holiday. I hope you enjoy these Valentine T.I.D.B.I.T.S and invite you to keep an eye on the list as it’s likely to keep growing. Visit these clever bloggers soon and let them know you found their tip on The MamaZone.
  1. 21 Simple Romance Ideas ~ If you need a little boost in the romance department, this series includes 21 straight-forward, “I could have thought of that” ideas for you to raise the bar.
  2. Grown-up Valentine’s Day printables ~ Of course, I had to throw in my February printable offer–it’s a couple of sweet little framable Love quotes available to subscribers of my Insider’s Newsletter.show me love icon
  1. An Eco-savy Valentine’s Day ~ If you’re into keeping things eco-friendly for love-day, this post is full of useful, easy-to-do tips.
  2. Super-friend Valentine’s Day cards ~ This is a rare, boy-friendly Valentine that my kids and I love. It’s quite simple and a lot of fun.caped cute-sader
  1. Ninja Paratrooper Valentines ~ This Pinterest-inspired valentine is another neat option for moms with boys.
  2. Valentine’s XO Wreath ~ Alright, crafty gals, this is gorgeous DIY Valentine wreath made from cardboard and coffee filters. This is a must-do as far as I’m concerned so I included it even though it doesn’t have the instructions. Search Pinterest for coffee-filter wreath to find a number of  how-to posts.

  1. 5 Heart Healthy Ways to Celebrate Valentines Day ~ Why do we give ourselves passes on living healthy during holidays? Here are some ways we can reverse that trend this Valentine’s day.
  2. Family Valentine’s Day Table Setting ~ I had some fun surprising my family with a simple little love-brunch. How would you set your family love table?
  3. Free Valentine’s Day Recipes from emeals ~ Now, you have to be an emeals subscriber to access these, but you’ll find ahh-mazing recipes to commemorate the day. There are great desserts and even a Paleo dinner menu. Use the code “HEART” for 10% off a new membership. I’m a proud emeals user (and referrer, so thanks for using my link!).
  1. Writable Tea Mug Gift for Valentine’s Day! (tutorial)~ I have a thing for writing on glasses and mugs and this is an absolute adorable tutorial for creating a personalized mug and a unique way to wrap your tea.
  2. Custom Valentine’s Day Conversations with Brach’s “Create Your Own Conversation Hearts”~ I had no idea, but Brach’s makes candy hearts that you can customize. Perfect for personalizing your Valentine’s day wishes.
  1. Fair Trading your Valentine’s Day ~ Here’s another awesome post for those of you who are interested in alternatives for Valentine’s Day, complete with a Pinterest board.Simple Romance
  2. Showing the Love ~ This is a poignant reminder that love goes deeper than candy and flowers once a year. Read and share.
  1. DIY Scratch-Off Valentine’s Card Tutorial ~ I love these scratch off valentines and there’s still time for you and your kiddos to make them before the 14th. The tutorial is complete with a free printable and the supplies are minimal and affordable. Give it a try!

You’ll find all of these ideas pinned to my Valentine’s Day board on Pinterest. If you try any of them, you know I wanna hear about it, so leave me a comment!

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