Using Your iPhone For Great Blog Photos

Earlier this year, I made a commitment to add better pictures to my posts. Of course it would be awesome if I had a great “grown-up” camera to help me with that, but the reality is, there’s no extra cash in the budget or room in my life for a new hobby.

Considering that I’d been using my iPhone as a camera, I decided to do a little research on taking better pictures with it. I was so surprised to find that there’s a contingent of iPhone lovers committed to taking great photos using their phones. I followed their rainbow to a little pot of gold that was filled with clever apps to help take awesome pictures. Here are my favorites…

Camera Awesome. It was essentially created to replace your iPhone camera. It includes compositional tools like “Thirds” and “Horizon” and lets you set focus and exposure. I love it for taking most photos, but I still use the iPhone camera app for taking pictures at night.

iQuickDoF Pro. This app lets you add a depth of field effect to your photos. Of course, I had no clue that was the name of this effect I like so much, but basically, you’ll notice in the picture below that the focus is on the magazine while everything else is a bit blurry.

ColorSplash. I LOVE this app. It allows you to create black and white photos with pops of color. It’s super easy to use your finger to “paint” the portions you want in color. It’s absolutely one of my most favorite apps.

PolyFrame. This is a fun one. I don’t use it as much for blog pictures, but thought I’d throw it in anyway. It allows you to combine several pictures and add polygon shaped borders, using colors or photos as the background. It so easy to get carried away with this one!

All done. You can find all of these apps on the iTunes store. Do you use your iPhone for blog photos? I’d love to hear about your apps and tricks. Leave a comment and let’s chat about it! Until next week…

Anitra Elmore Anitra Elmore

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