Save Your Sanity While Saving on Black Friday

Saving Your Sanity While Holiday Shopping
With Black Friday looming, there is nothing I want you to save more than your sanity! I know you want the best deals and we’re all about getting what we need for less, however, none of that matters if you’re stressed out and beat up in the process.

So, if you brave the stores at 4 a.m.,

  • be prepared to wait patiently
  • stay away from Psycho Mom who is willing to take you out to get the last Zhu Zhu pet
  • and, for heaven’s sake, don’t be that Psycho Mom!
  • You might also be better off shopping online from home because most stores are offering great sales. You’ll still save, but you’ll do it in your pajamas, while avoiding the desperate, angry mob.
I’ve done Black Friday for the past two years. The first year, I found great deals at a Target that was fairly empty because it had just opened, and last year was a complete bust. This year, my toy shopping is already done and I’ll brave the midnight rush online instead of the 4 a.m rush in line to get the other gifts I need.
So, take it easy, and just continue to be a savvy shopper. I saved a great deal just by using my regular shopping strategies, and if I find anything cheaper, it’s easy enough to take things back. If we’re going to be desperate for anything, it shouldn’t be deals. This year, just be desperate for time with your family, because that’s both free and priceless.
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