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My daughter has informed me that she is no longer playing with dolls (she’s 10). If you listen carefully, you’ll hear the sound of my heart absolutely breaking. Why is she willing to give up the one thing that signified she was still my baby? Boy how time flies when you’re raising kids!
The good thing is, just because she’s given up on dolls doesn’t mean I have to. In fact, I’ve decided to invite a few new little friends into our home, beginning with Rahel, my first doll from the Hearts for Hearts Girls collection. The goal of this new doll line is Changing the World One Heart at a Time! The collection includes six dolls from around the world, each with their own inspirational story to share.
The Hearts For Hearts Girls dolls and their fashion collection are brought to us by Playmates Toys. Each doll is dressed and accessorized to represent a real girl “who is working to change her community in ways that are unique to our home country” and they each come with a friendship bracelet and a story book explaining how they live and contribute to their families, communities and culture.

hearts for hearts girlsMy new little friend, Rahel is from Ethiopia, and her friends in the new collection include Dell from the U.S., Consuelo from Mexico, Nahji from India, Lilian from Belarus and Tipi from Laos.  I love these dolls because of their value in creating cultural awareness. It’s a toy that is sure to assist you in turning your daughter into a global citizen. It’s educational play at its finest!

These dolls are an absolute hit with me for a number of reasons, not the least of which is the fact that a portion of the proceeds from the sale of each doll is donated to programs that support girls in that doll’s country. A partnership with World Vision is making it possible, and as a result of these programs, girls are receiving essential support– from malaria nets in Africa to schoolbooks in Asia and food supplies here in the United States.

One last “plus” about these dolls is that they come with a special code that unlocks a free membership to the kid-safe Hearts for Hearts Girls Website. There, you and your daughter will find:

  • More info about the Hearts For Hearts Girls and their countries
  • Educational activities and games that are culturally enriching
  • Stories about real girls who are making a difference
While my daughter is done with dolls, she is not done with online games. We set up our page on the Hearts for Hearts Girls site and begin exploring together. My favorite part was the Global Market where we went on missions specific to each girl’s country to help them with a task. We played a number of games that gave us a glimpse into these exciting cultures. I can’t tell you how pleased I am to add the site to our kid-raising arsenal. (I do have to add that we weren’t excited about the personal page they allow you to create.  I think that’s a feature of the site that needs a little more work).
The dolls sell for $29.99 and the extra fashion sets are available for $17.99. You can purchase them on the Playmates Toys site as well as amazon.com, ToysRUs and Target. I’ve already added this to my Christmas recommendations and you can be sure this is a 5 Mamas rating as well as one of Mama’s Faves. Read on to learn how you can win a doll and a fashion set right here.

First, meet the six Hearts For Hearts Girls:

  • Consuelo from Mexico City: Colorful and warm, Consuelo provides aid to hungry children who are homeless and live on the streets near her parents´ bakery.
  • Lilian of Belarus: Determined Lilian provides aid to girls whose parents must find work in the big city and are forced to leave their children with orphanages.
  • Dell from the heart of Kentucky´s Appalachian Mountains: Dell creates music and knitwear to share with others in need of warm clothing.
  • Rahel of Ethiopia: Rahel, who dreams of becoming a doctor so that she can make a real difference for people in her region, journeys with her family into the wilderness of Ethiopia to help bring back aid to her community.
  • Tipi from Laos: Based on a real girl who shares her art and storytelling with others through dancing, drawing, and puppetry, Tipi leads her school in a mural contest in hopes of winning much-needed books for her class.
  • Nahji who hails from Assam, India: Brave Nahji breaks tradition to bring courage and education to the girls who work in the tea fields of India.


To win, follow the Rafflecopter instructions below to tell me which doll you think your daughter would most identify with OR which doll you think your daughter would like to have. I’ll choose a random winner on October 8th.  If this is your first time using Rafflecopter or if you run into trouble, visit my Contest Rules page for help.

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