An Invitation to my Blogger Friends

Have you signed up for the Make it a Home hop and hunt yet? If not, what are you waiting for?! This is a wonderful opportunity for you to build your blog. It’s a different kind of hop, but you can guarantee they’ll be great results for you. Here’s how it’s different:

  • You’re guaranteed traffic because folks who want to enter the grand prize drawing have to visit every site.
  • This is not like the hops where entrants visit one blog and sit clicking on 50 Facebook and Twitter links. You might gain followers that way, but in the review blogging game, TRAFFIC is king.
  • The $3 fee goes straight to the grand prize, not to “administrative” fees, not in my pocket.
  • We’re exchanging blogging tips and resources behind the scenes and  you don’t have to join another Facebook group.

If you’re hearing about if for the first time, visit the intro post for all the details. If you’ve simply been on the fence, why not go ahead and sign up right here and NOW? Also, the minimum prize amount has been lowered to $10 to help those of you who are sponsoring your own prize. An Amazon.com giftcard is always a big hit, but you can also consider itunes, home goods stores and anything you think might be helpful to someone who is improving their home in any way. The deadline is approaching…join me!

Signing up is a quick two step process

  1. Send payment through PayPal to the1mama[AT]themamazone[DOT]com. Select “My Payment is For Friends & Family,” and there will be no fee if when you pay from your PayPal balance or bank account. (Put your blog name in the notes box).
  2. Sign up for email updates. You do not need one more Facebook group in your life! I’ll keep you updated via email and through a private page here.

Leave a comment or email me with questions. Look for additional updates and explanations once you’ve signed up.

Anitra Elmore Anitra Elmore

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